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Iteration exercises: f(x)=x^2 - 0.5 ; Fixpoint-irritation...
(10/19/2017, 10:38 AM)Gottfried Wrote: ...
1) The Carleman-matrix is always based on the power series of a function f(x) and more specifically of a function g(x+t_0)-t_0 where t_0 is the attracting fixpoint for the function f(x). For that option the Carleman-matrix-based and the serial summation approach evaluate to the same value.             

2) But for the other direction of the iteration series, with iterates of the inverse function f^[-1] () we need the Carleman matrix developed at that fixpoint t_1 which is attracting for f^[-1](x) ...

So with the correct adapation of the required two Carleman-matrices and their Neumann-series we reproduce correctly the iteration-series in question in both directions.         


Is there a connection between the Carlemann-matrix and the Schröder's equation, ?  Here lambda is the derivative at the fixed point; , and then the iterated function g(x+1)= f(g(x)) can be generated from the inverse Schröder's equation: 

Does the solution to the Carlemann Matrix give you the power series for ?
I would like a Matrix solution for the Schröder's equation.  I have a pari-gp program for the formal power series for both , iterating using Pari-gp's polynomials, but a Matrix solution would be easier to port over to a more accessible programming language and I thought maybe your Carlemann solution might be what I'm looking for Smile
- Sheldon

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RE: Iteration exercises: f(x)=x^2 - 0.5 ; Fixpoint-irritation... - by sheldonison - 10/19/2017, 04:50 PM

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