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"game" - to calculate 1.00...001 ^^ 0.5 = ?
bo198214 Wrote:Its not by Ansus, its by Schröder and Levy. Thatswhy there is the name Schröder function for
if the fixed point is .
I described the method here, its the same as what Ansus wrote down, except that the focus is on slog and not on sexp.

bo198214 Wrote:Natural slog is a method that works for arbitrary bases . It was first described by Walker and rediscovered by Andrew Robbins (andydude on this forum). You can find a description somewhere on the forum. Though I am inclined to rename the method to "intuitive slog/iteration", because in a context like "natural iteration" it can be easily mistaken to mean "iteration by a natural number".
I know it. natural superlog is slog_e (x) or sln (x). lol

bo198214 Wrote:What means "no"? Does it mean "matrix power method is bad"? Haha, then Gottfried would get quite angry with you!
ok. but if you do caculate by Andrew' slog then you don't get or you get
result with problem. Tongue

bo198214 Wrote:PS: You can quote someone by sourounding the quoted text by
. If you press "reply" it is already sourounded and you only need to edit whats inside the quote.
I already know it!! lol

if you have some difficulty for caculate then I will do 1 solution of result here. Smile

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