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"game" - to calculate 1.00...001 ^^ 0.5 = ?
nuninho1980 Wrote:
bo198214 Wrote:Natural slog is a method that works for arbitrary bases . It was first described by Walker and rediscovered by Andrew Robbins (andydude on this forum). You can find a description somewhere on the forum. Though I am inclined to rename the method to "intuitive slog/iteration", because in a context like "natural iteration" it can be easily mistaken to mean "iteration by a natural number".
I know it. natural superlog is slog_e (x) or sln (x). lol
No, thatswhy I wrote "is a method that works for arbitrary bases "!!!

Quote:ok. but if you do caculate by Andrew' slog then you don't get or you get
result with problem. Tongue

I would get a result. But actually its not clear why these values are interesting.

Quote:I already know it!! lol
So why dont you use it then!?

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