so Arthur Rubin

you have not posted anything about tetration in all this time !!

you claim to be an expert on tetration , even before that word existed.

i guess you dont want to provide evidence for that huh ?

you are extremely silent about tetration and extremely silent in this forum ?

are you sick ? or just not an expert as you claim ?

im not making this up :

from wikipedia tetration talk page :

" And, for what it's worth, I worked on the functional square root of the exponential function long before the term tetration was coined. — Arthur Rubin (talk) 02:39, 11 January 2011 "

also i wonder what you mean by :

" Furthermore, even if the resulting function exists, it almost certainly fails regularity conditions, and would produce different functions if one replaced 2 sinh(x) by 2 e^-a sinh(x+a), for any real a. "

( ignoring the handwaving " almost certainly " etc instead of math )

it seems you missed the point that 'a' needs to be 0 in order to have the usefull UNIQUE fixpoint at 0 to compute the iterations of 2 sinh(x) and have a strictly increasing entire taylor series for it.

to be specific you need [(e^a)^2 - 1] / (e^a)^2 (*) to be 0 in order to have f(0) = 0 ( the fixpoint of 2 sinh(x) ) hence a = 0.

( for the clever people , note that a = +oo - the other solution(*) - already reduces to f(0) = 1 and exp(x) ! )

and another thing , my method is not levy's.

you need to do some math to rewrite it as a special case of levy , but in essence it is not.

you might as well have said it relates to abel equation and that abel equation is nothing new.

furthermore it were the people on this forum who first mentioned levy , not Rubin.

( and those people did get published , whereas Rubin cannot show that concerning tetration )

guess you will be quit again.

i dont need to be quit , unlike you , because i have nothing to hide.

no claimed published papers i can not prove.

no people saying they thought of it first.

and no lies or double identities or hidden agendas.


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