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changing terminology (was: overview paper co-author invitation)
(08/05/2009, 06:15 PM)bo198214 Wrote: .. the "arc" prefix for trigonometric functions comes from measuring the length of the arc on the unit circle (which is the angle).
So etymologically this would count against a usage as "inverse"-prefix.
How about arcsinh, arccosh,..? Now the prefix "arc" means "inverse function of".
If I ask for "ArcGamma", everybody understands what do I mean, but if I say "inverse of Gamma", the GNU offers f(z)=1/Gamma(z) instead.

I know that slog already appears in some texts as inverse of tetrational; sorry about that. But I do not extend this confusion to the new texts.

I suggest the rule: if there is some holomorphic function Func, then
the inverse is called ArcFunc,
the superfunction of Func is called SuperFunc,
and its inverse function is called ArcSuperFunc.

For example, if a superfunction of tetrational, we already have names for it:
and its inverse should be called arcpen=ArcSuperTetrational

We need two prefices to indicate the inverse function and to indicate the superfincton.
"arc" and "super" are best.

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