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Categories of Tetration and Iteration
Hi, Andrew!

Thank you for your clear and systematic comments. Indeed, my suggestins concerning points 2 and 5 (partial box notation and symbolic representation of the super-root) was strongly ... inspired by MathType. Their available logotypes are extremely clear.

Unfortunately, I am still ... swimming with a lot of problems in TeX, which at the moment sems to be indispensable for publications. But, I understand your concern. Let me think about. I am a little bit ... sloooow, but ... reliable. For level s=4 (tetra) we need immediately understandable logotypes, just for avoiding long and painful interpretations.

Thank you also for your "Tetration in Context".

G. F. Romerio (Gianfranco)
I have been playing around with different notations and I think I found a way to simulate your "partial box" notation in TeX. Here are some examples:

For hyper-logarithms:
\text{hy}n\text{log}_b(z) =
z \\ \hline \end{tabular}

For hyper-roots:
\text{hy}n\text{rt}_a(z) =
\hline \\ z \end{tabular}

Andrew Robbins
Great! I think the logotypes so obtained are extremely compact and clear. Thank you for the suggestions. Neverteheless, I still need some "brain trainig" for using TeX.


MSE MphLee
Mother Law \((\sigma+1)0=\sigma (\sigma+1)\)
S Law \(\bigcirc_f^{\lambda}\square_f^{\lambda^+}(g)=\square_g^{\lambda}\bigcirc_g^{\lambda^+}(f)\)

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