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Bell formula for iterated exponentiation
Gottfried Wrote:m=arbitrary, integer>0:

(hope I didn't make an index-error).
This formula can also be found in
E.T.BELL ,"The iterated Exponential Integers", Annals of Mathematics (193Cool p539-557
Are you sure Gottfried? I didnt find it in the mentioned article.
bo198214 Wrote:Are you sure Gottfried? I didnt find it in the mentioned article.

Too bad. I don't know, where my brain was... I had just skimmed through some articles and meant to have caught the source correctly. I'll seek, where I've actually have seen it, maybe in Abramowitsch/Stegun...
Anyway, it is easy to derive it with pen & paper.

I'll be back in the evening, going for a walk today -

Gottfried Helms, Kassel

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