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[Regular tetration] [Iteration series] norming fixpoint-dependencies
(08/30/2010, 11:14 PM)tommy1729 Wrote: i.e. z<> z^z => z^z =/= (z + z^^2)/2.

I explained in an earlier post my misuse of the z^^h-notation. (Oh, that was in the other thread only?, Then - sorry)
Ok. To make ascii-writing short I use it there (and now here) in that meaning:

using a base b, z^^h is b^b^...^b^z where h is the number of b,

in case of continuous: z^^h =

I think that "misuse" can be justified since we usually talk about a fixed chosen base ("b") and discuss the change of parameter z as iteration start, h as iteration "height" and z^^h as iteration result. Reading some "z^z" above I think there is a misunderstanding there.

Gottfried Helms, Kassel
i will explain later ...

( edit ) i started a new thread in the general section related to (mainly) this and my ' f(x) = f(x^2) blunder thread '

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