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Hi friends -

I've decided to take a break for some weeks.

Getting more and more aware, that I need some fresh input in summation-theory and some other open problems of us - I seem to need distance to get a new basic grip and should take some time to get into reading again.
If you like (for instance, if the the FAQ needs some input of mine, or for some Pari/GP-routines) you may use my personal email, and possibly I'll be back for this or that specific problem. A (however kind) answer of R. Aldrovandi made me finally think of getting more basics first to improve my thoughts.
Also we'll have some restructuring in our departement, so I possibly shall be involved in that subject more (than I like...)

Kind regards -
wishing you nice number-crunching Smile

Gottfried Helms, Kassel
good luck in your research break!

PS: I moved your thread here, as it is sufficient to have *one* absence thread.
Hello friends!

I shall be absent for a while. Personal and family problems. All the best.

Hi people there! I am back again and ... still alive, .,.. as usual.

GFR Wrote:Hi people there! I am back again and ... still alive, .,.. as usual.

Hey welcome back! Seems we are also still alive as usual Wink And to not disappoint you we even produced some more posts on this forum Wink As I look at the statistics we are going straightly towards the 2000 posts marker. Hey this will become a big celebration!
Waaouwww! Congratulations! Wink - GFR
GFR Wrote:Hi people there! I am back again and ... still alive, .,.. as usual.


Hi Gianfranco -
me too... Smile Happy to read you again, and to feel you being somehow fresh and in good mood . Very good! Hope, everything came out well for you and your folks.

So -
"Auf ein Neues"
- Gottfried

my current view with a hard teeth-problem Smile
Gottfried Helms, Kassel
Dear Gottfried!

Very funny! Where did you get that photo of mine, taken after an entire night I spent with coffee and tetrations !?! Sad

Or, perhaps it is really yours? Who knows .... maybe.

Happy to see you in good mood.

Gottfried Wrote:my current view with a hard teeth-problem Smile

Poor Gottfried *comforting*
I have just returned from a week-long vacation (sorry I didn't post before-hand). And I am feeling better than ever! The first thing I will do is consolidate the FAQs, then move onto everything else...

So much to do.

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