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help on writing a paper.
I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or guidelines about writing a paper? I've read a few papers and I think I get the gist of how it's done. And what programs would you use? I'm assuming there's some sort of word processor that generates LaTeX?

The things I'm interested in writing a paper on are semi-operators, given quickly by:

which is analytic at fixpoints of f, yada yada, the thread is here

and I'm also interested in writing a short paper on this converging series():

which is totally paradoxical and seems to contradict foundations; if anyone has some light to shed on why this converges I'd love to hear it. I just want to put my name on it quick if it turns out to be anything real serious. The thread is here if you're interested:

I was also wondering if anybody could "sponsor" me on arxiv? so that I may actually e-print my paper somewhere where it counts. Is it alright that I'm not in university and I want to publish something? Am I being too rash by asking to be sponsored?

I know these things are rather short. I was wondering if that's a bad thing? These papers will probably only come out to two or three pages each. Though, I think really, the shortest papers are the best.

Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to read this and thanks again for any help you have to offer.

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