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regular tetration base sqrt(2) : an interesting(?) constant 2.76432104
Dear Gottfried

It may be my fault since Im not so familiar with the terms you use but I fail to completely understand your question or even method.

For instance I do not know what you mean by "linearization" here.
For me it is a term used for differential equations or the truncated Taylor series a_0 + a_1 x for an analytic function.

Are you using Koenigs function to solve the Schroeder equation ? Or is this one of those matrix methods ?

How is the connection to uniqueness , existance , multiple solutions and fixpoints ?

Also I do not know what all this imaginary stuff is. Imaginary component ? Imaginary height ? Imaginary oversteps the infinite iteration height ? What is meant with " dual of x = -oo " ?

It may be my fault , but I think you need to be more explicit if you want to speak to a large audience and be understood.

And even if it has been explained before you should have added at least a link imho.

Maybe it helps even yourself if you write it out completely.

Im - perhaps surprising - convinced that this question has an answer. Most things have an answer in math.



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