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Searching for an asymptotic to exp[0.5]
(05/29/2014, 11:32 PM)tommy1729 Wrote: Thanks for the post sheldon.

My intuition gave me similar ideas , but even my own motivations are not clear to me.

I am both gratefull for your posts but at the same time expected more theoretical motivation.

Well it gets pretty complicated thats almost certain.

I call this " fake function theory " invented by tommy and sheldon Smile

afterall this is getting " bigger " than a 101 calculus textbook.

I like the name " fake function theory " , sounds exciting and not dull or is it just me.

The fact that the name does not reveal what it is immediately might be part of the attraction. Also the " fake " sounds like sherlock thing.

Lots of work left to do.


I'm imagining one more version, V6. The accuracy won't be any different than V5, but V6 will be exactly real valued at both the positive and negative real axis, but will have a Laurent series representation, and will allow easy understanding of both the error term relative to Kneser, and of the zeros, on the negative real axis. for the Weiestrass representation, such that we can theoretically tie the two representations together, along with Kneser's half iterate. Also, it will have an infinite number of fake zeros near the origin, which we throw away. But version 6 alludes me for many days now .... so I am giving up and version 5 is the best I can do. I like fake function theory.
- Sheldon

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