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Searching for an asymptotic to exp[0.5]
In post 150 I wrote the formula for the Tommy-Sheldon iterations.

I edited that with the dot product, to avoid confusion.
It is currently the most accurate general method without An integral.

Since edits are not marked on this forum I needed to say this.

The Tommy-Sheldon iterations might be associated with Some superfunction.

The method together with series reversion gives a simple algorithm to make a fake; simple enough for a basic program such as excel or C+ dos type.


But the main reason I make a post is to ask

When - for what f(x) - does fake(a_n)/a_n converge to its limit ( 1 ? ) quadratically ??

Where fake means the gaussian fake or the Tommy-Sheldon iterations.

Originally I thought this could be easily answered by a type of contour integral ...



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