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Easy tutorial on hyperoperations and noptiles
This is an introduction to hyperoperations and noptiles
The tutorial gives a sketch outline for the noptile concept
Easy to understand for school and college students
and other learners of math

.pdf   Introduction.pdf (Size: 417.4 KB / Downloads: 664)

I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed.
Marvin the Paranoid Android, in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1979), Ch. 11.

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I'm starting to understand something.. thanks for the introduction... but I'm far from the other parts of your work. Seems interesting but large number is not my favourite field...

MSE MphLee
Mother Law \((\sigma+1)0=\sigma (\sigma+1)\)
S Law \(\bigcirc_f^{\lambda}\square_f^{\lambda^+}(g)=\square_g^{\lambda}\bigcirc_g^{\lambda^+}(f)\)
large numbers are covered extensively in the xkcd my number is bigger debate and more coherently described and compared in the Googology Wiki. my ideas are a mixture of things within the positive integer realm, transitional sequences and their patterns, emergent phenomena such as coordinate systems for these patterns and binate features, Catalan numbers, recursion theory, generalised recursion and subrecursive hierarchies, paradoxes and inconsistencies, pattern commonalities between hyperoperations and their compositions and transfinite ordinals and also how COH expressions are in some sense more general than transfinite ordinals, such as the epsilon numbers, these days I'm trying to learn more about normal topics within elementary and recreational number theory. my weaker areas are complex analysis, Lambert's W, special kinds of matrices, Stirling numbers, Bernoulli numbers, Riemann hypothesis, every now and then I pick up a few more ideas

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