theory of luck
Its probably more philosophy then science or pure math.

But I have ideas about " luck ".

My " theory of luck " is in progress.

It has to do with probability and statistics as you might have guessed.

One of the main ideas is that a Lucky person will have - on average and under some conditions - a winning probability of 1/(n-1) when a normal person has a winning probability of 1/n.

Some of the ideas and goals are to detect the difference between a " cheater " and a " Lucky person ".

And even extend to " team cheating " or " Lucky teams " in games.

Although such goals and ideas are not new , Im going for alternative ideas about them.

Maybe you wanted to know or had similar ideas about them yourself.

Since this is not so formal and Im not really discussing anything right now , I decided to post it in community.

( its unrelated to tetration too )

Maybe it sounds like a crazy idea.
Maybe not.

Maybe it sounds new.
Maybe it sounds old.

Consider it background of me.

And yes , I do like to play games Smile
Although I prefer chess ... which has little do to with probability imho.



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